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  1. Lesfunk reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Bootlegger Ace Headless Bass

    "Bootlegger Ace headless bass"
    I was looking for an affordable and portable long scale bass to use on this seasons summer fly out gig schedule and ran across Bootlegger guitars while surfing Reverb. They looked interesting and at under $600, definitely had my interest. The questions remained, “can they be any good?” I have had previous experience with the steinberger spirit and was disappointed, (to say the least)but could these be any better? Would the bootlegger product be good enough to use as a working, professional...
  2. Isaac_James reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig V2

    "All you need in one little stomp box?"
    The Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig v2 is an updated version of the company’s original Bass Fly Rig. Designed to be an easily portable replacement for traveling with an amplifier, cabinet, and pedal board, this multi-effect pedal does a lot of things, and it does most of them very well with (mostly) straightforward, intuitive design. The unit is 13” long, weighs 20 oz and is powered by a 9v power cable, included in the box. Tech 21 also helpfully includes a set of adapter plugs for use with...
  3. Isaac_James reviewed a Item in the category Cabs and Combos.

    Ampeg Rocketbass 110

    "Plenty of Power in a Lightweight Cab"
    The Rocketbass combo amps are some of the first new offerings by Ampeg since being purchased by Yamaha in 2018. The first thing that catches your eye when you see this amp is the classic style design - shiny chrome Ampeg logo on the front of the cabinet, black and silver grille cloth covering the speaker, sturdy black tolex on the cabinet housing. Controls on the 110 are pretty simple and straightforward. On the far left you have the SGT circuit, an overdrive meant to simulate the sound of...

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