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  1. Snibborwocky
  2. Patrick J
    Patrick J TJH3113
    I love your tracks.
    You taught me more than a few songs.
    I’m having trouble with The Allman Bros Jessica. Could you go one for that?
  3. SpiggyTopes
    It took four decades but it's Fender all the way
  4. threetone
    Evah Gold/Slap works perfect acoustic and amplified
  5. threetone
    Back from Luthier, glued 2 loose top seams. Re fitted soundpost more toward the G string side.
  6. BassBeginer64
  7. Ronnie W
  8. Rich_Briere
    Professional Gonad Gouger. And My Bird CAN Sing.
  9. Netoow Rotciv
    Netoow Rotciv
    i just want to be better on the bass
  10. exotic_memories
  11. bobnc
    Ol' bastage; signed up too quickly and without my readers on. Username should be "bobmc". Anyway, off to yell at some clouds now.
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  12. ImanBernal
    In love with music and video games!
  13. Benj-jammin
  14. tblurker
  15. MBMorris
    MBMorris Matt23
    You said you have a Sandberg superlight 5 string. Is there any neck diving? I'm considering one because of the weight but would not be able to deal with unbalancing. Thanks.
  16. jimh719
    Guitarist for many years. Bassist for a few months. Loving the new journey.
  17. PizzaFiend
  18. chris pond
    chris pond
    jaco, geddy, tragic
  19. Lowendchamp
  20. NobodyImportant
    Watch the weather change

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